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Master Fic List!

Under some good advice from my wonderful, wonderful Strom, I'm starting early!

Enjoy my stories :-D

Jude x

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The Caretaker

Title: The Caretaker
Chapter No: Two part 1
Author: Me!
Email: Mclarenmjude@gmail.com
Fandom: Friday The 13th
Rating: NC-17 for graphic scenes of violence and gore.
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Content: Jason Voorhees/Elissa McCormack
Summary: It was the money that drew her there. The money and a job that had been advertised many times. It was good job, too, and one with an excellent health package. If only she knew how much she would need it.
Disclaimer: The only person I own is Elissa McCormack. Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake do not belong to me, therefore no money is made from this story.
WARNINGS: Extremely graphic violence, and disturbing murder scenes. Not for the faint hearted or those who cry at Bambi and think Twilight is the epitome of excellence. You do not like blood and guts, then do not read.
Author's Note: I will gladly take any and all comments, especially those helping me improve my writing, but I will not give trolls the time of day, and nor will I bat an eyelash at online bullies who think all stories should be written to their specifications.

If I could have one wish granted at this current moment in time, it would be that LiveJournal stops fucking up. Edited it to add part 2 was too large, so I've had to cut it into two parts.

Anyhoo, have fun :D

Huggles, Jude xxx

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Mitsouko Review

Hi, my name is Jude and I'm an addict.

Seriously, I am completely addicted to Mitsouko, and it's only taken 28 hours for this fragrance to be promoted to the coveted position of signature scent.

It's taken some time to find a comprehensive list of the genuine ingredients, as most websites seem to go by what the consumers say what makes up this perfume, but find them I did. There are notes of bergamot, neroli, peach, lemon, mandarin, rose, clove, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, benzoin, vetiver, and cinnamon. So Mitsouko is not just woodsy or fruity or spicy, it's all of them combined, and the scent is very difficult to explain indeed.

Mitsouko 2

As you can see by the huge image above, that the bottle is everything one expects from a company such as Guerlain. The bottle is simple in its design, no embellished ridges or patterns or anything that could make one think of the word flawed. The edges are rounded and curved, much like how a woman, not girl, is meant to be. Beautiful the way nature intended, with lovely smooth skin and a joy to hold, no sharp angles or hints of trendy diets that flash the bones for all the world to see, and oh how I adore that... that...

What's the word I'm looking for?

This is not the time to go on vacation, brain!

If anyone knows the word I'm trying unsuccessfully to find, please do let me know, and let me know sooner rather than later, as I happen to like my hair where it is!

What I love the most about this bottle is the heart shaped top. The word heart taken into the context of a perfume says so, so much, doesn't it? Your perfume, especially your signature scent, should spell you, and who you truly are at heart. Your personality should emanate from you in subtle waves of flora or fruit, aquatic or anise, sweet or spice. Choosing a Signature Scent is an arduous task to undertake, and I know many women who simply go to a counter, and pick up the first fragrance that catches their eye.

If that perfume doesn't sit, they scan the rows until another catches their eye, and if it suits, then that's what they wear. Oh, if only it were that simple for me.

I once spent an entire hour and 40 some minutes at the Guerlain counter in Fenwick, trying sample after sample in an effort for something to jump out waving its arms and shouting "Here I am!" That was the day I began to grow from mid-late teens to early 20's and Versace Red Jeans didn't work for me anymore, which I was genuinely gutted about as I was heavily in love with that fragrance.

Three whole weeks went by where I was not smelly good. My mum, bless her heart, offered me her bottle of Poison that she had recent received from my dad for Christmas. She was relieved when I declined and then she became somewhat incredulous when I told her that I was going to stay with one company, and that was Guerlain. After all, I had been using Red Jeans for around seven years, so why take my custom to a company I'd never looked twice at?

That's actually a question I still ask myself and have yet to find a well thought out, reasonable answer. Maybe I simply outgrew Red Jeans, that I wanted something more complex as opposed to youthful simplicity, perhaps I wished for a fragrance that was a little more defined and polished, one that had some true substance to it.

As you can see, I place quite a lot of importance on a signature scent. I know there are a lot more important things going on these days and smelling nice should be the last thing on the list of priorities, but to me it isn't. I feel better in myself if I'm washed clean, with skin buffed and polished, hair shiny and conditioned, and with a gorgeous fragrance enveloping me.

I don't like 'letting myself go'. If I let myself go, I honestly feel like my entire life has become one great, big room cluttered with rubbish and junk, and all out badness. When I'm neat and tidy, I feel like I can take on the world, my Signature Scent only add to that feeling because that scent is me. Each and every time I get a hint of that fruity chypre, I'm reminded of myself. My strengths and weaknesses, my ideals and morals, and my innermost desires to be all that I can be in spite of the limitations Life has chosen to bestow.


Just noticed how completely off topic I've gone!

I ended up with Mitsouko after an order from Black Phoenix brought very few perfumes that suited me, and since I'm attending Collectormania 19, which is a signing event, on the 25th and 26th of this month, I was in dire need of a perfume. I haven't had a Signature Scent since I outgrew Insolence many moons ago. The day I went to pick a new fragrance was the day Black Phoenix was recommended to me by a lady at the Guerlain counter in House Of Fraser.

So for the last several years, I've gone from one perfume oil to another, without really finding The One. It's loads of fun to go through those perfume oils and trying four at once on different parts of your arm, and that fun is greatly enhanced by the names. Harlot's House, Come To Me, Follow Me Boy, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Enbalming Fluid, Whip, and those are some of the tamer ones! As much fun as I have with Bpal, I still needed a fragrance.

Thursday last week brought with it the final straw, and I forced myself back into the world of perfume. Naturally, I went directly to Guerlain for a good bit of online window shopping, which brought with it some serious change. I'd outgrown most of the lighter, younger fragrances, so I had to step into the deep end with the true classics. I ended up with Champs Elysees at first and that stuff is also made of win, so you can imagine how chuffed I was to once more have a Signature Scent.

An accidental click of the wrong link took me to a perfume site that is currently having a sale with varying degrees of reductions, and right there in all its glory, was Mitsouko and with 25% off! 75ml for £28, free next-day delivery and free gift wrap. A bargain I could not in good conscious ignore that sort of bargain, so I added to cart, and bought it.

I eagerly anticipated the arrival, even as I sat petting my bottle of Champs Elysees, which is equally elegant in design to Mitsouko, and when it did arrive, I turned into a 5-year-old on Christmas Day! I tore into it, and oohed and ahhed over the bottle, then almost reverently took the top off, and thought What The Hell Have I Just Spent £28 On?

It smelled absolutely terrible, like a mix of cheap cologne and stale bitter lemon, and there was quite a bit of recoiling on my behalf. There was nothing good whatsoever about Mitsouko in the bottle, not a single thing I can think of. I had to double check where I bought it from just to see if I had been conned into buying a third rate copy, but I hadn't.

The horrid, sharp, bitter liquid was the genuine article, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I could have kicked myself, if it were possible, for spending an entire weeks' worth of groceries on a perfume I had not even tried. I felt very, very stupid for falling for every "OMG! It's gorgeous!" review I stumbled across.

Since I bought it, and no matter how horrid it smelled when in the bottle, I thought that since I paid for it, I may as well give it a go. I literally held the bottle away as far as my skinny yet well toned arm could go, closed my eyes, and spritzed.

Do you want to know how glad I am that I spritzed?

For five minutes straight, I held my wrist to my nose, and chanted oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

I've just sprayed some on my wrist so I can give a true, albeit biased, review of Mitsouko.

When it's first on and still wet, it smells like spice and flowers to me, like a beautiful cocktail of feminine and female. Yes there is a difference, at least to me there is. Feminine are the women who act how men expect/secretly want/joke about. You know, the type of women who hide behind cushions at scary movies, and who watch movies like Titanic and Eat, Pray, Love or whatever.

That is what being feminine is in my eyes, but being female is entirely different.

Being female, and thus a woman, is about sensuality, sexuality, and confidence in those things. It's about wearing clothes that are not too tight nor a size too small. It's about loving your body, from the wobbly bits to the not so wobbly bits. It's about being a woman, and all that comes with being a fully grown, level headed, strong woman.

The flower is there, all rosy and red, but that rose petal scent is combined with peach, and because of that, the rose is subdued and becomes almost submissive to the oakmoss and the neroli. Even those two are subtle, which allows the spices of cinnamon and clove to come into their own, but what is amazing is how all of those blend perfectly with the ylang-ylang, benzoin, and the other ingredients.

On my skin at the dry down, which is where the perfume begins to settle, Mitsouko becomes almost like a peach infused violet that's been bathing in ylang-ylang oil, and yet it's more than just that. It is so damn complicated as there are so many ingredients strutting out and arching eyebrows as if to say "Well, what do you think of me?"

The cinnamon fades into the background when the peach starts to rear its fruity goodness, and the ylang-ylang reaches its full capacity as it waltzes with the mandarin, lemon, and benzoin. It becomes so clear that this perfume is not one for the youth of today, for it is far too complex, and to misunderstand Mitsouko would be an unforgivable sin.

I can only explain it as a love story and by love story, I don't mean one of the current fads of a vampire falling in love with a girl who does not understand herself, I mean it as a love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

I would like you to ignore that dreadful movie starring Keira Knightly, as that did not do the book justice in any way whatsoever. So if you wouldn't mind blocking that out for now, I would greatly appreciate it.

Pride and Prejudice is a timeless classic, in which the love story is formed by two people from two entirely different worlds learning about one another through their misunderstandings and grievances. Mr. Darcy was proud and arrogant, and Miss Elizabeth Bennet was prejudiced and judgmental. They both learned and grew as characters, and they built upon a mutual respect the path of a true, adult relationship.

What does Jane Austin have to do with a perfume you may ask, and of course, I shall tell you.

I started off worried about how it would smell on me after just one single sniff, just as Mr. Darcy waved off Miss Elizabeth Bennet at first glance. Then I tried it and began to learn about it, as does Mr. Darcy when the conversations begin at Netherfield. He learns that Miss Elizabeth Bennet is more than a mere tolerably acceptable country girl, he more than acknowledges her intellect and wit, he encourages it, and it's the same as my encouraging this perfume to speak in a firmer voice.

Another point about the comparison is what I mentioned earlier about the differences between women and girls.

Jane Bennet was written to be the perfect women for the time during the reign of King George and Queen Charlotte. She was soft spoken, kind, and genteel. She also did not see badness in people. Instead, Jane Bennet tried to make both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham good, as surely there must have been some misunderstanding between them.

Jane Bennet is naive, and in my opinion, very shallow. So to me, she is a very young woman when it comes to mental maturity. This is shown when she does nothing more than jump at the chance when Mr. Bingley proposes to her. The same Mr. Charles Bingley who listened to his friends and sisters over his own self. They told him Jane Bennet showed no signs of a romantic attachment, and he readily believed them, so off he went to London.

Several months go by before he turns up at Longbourn with The Question, and Jane Bennet does not hesitate to say yes. Forgive me if the romantic couple of Jane and Charles happens to be favoured by you, but I cannot reconcile myself to a man weak enough to be talked into ignoring his own sense of judgement.

That is why Jane Bennet is a girl, and thus not someone Mitsouko was intended for.

Elizabeth Bennet was defiant, witty, prejudiced, vain, and very smart for a lady in that day and age. She was not the most beautiful, she was not the tallest, but she was woman enough to stick to her guns when it mattered.

It is women like Elizabeth Bennet that Mitsouko was made for.

It's incredible that a perfume can inspire so many musings in me, and I think that is the best thing about it. You smell your wrist, then the scent takes you wherever it takes you, be it a meadow full of roses and violets, or a mystical place where the air is full of exotic spices and herbs. You catch a breeze of it each time you move, and it makes you take a moment where you breathe it in.

This perfume makes you want people to stop and ask what you're wearing, but you don't need the reassurance that it smells nice because you just know in your hear that it is exactly what you want it to be, and that is yours. You want other people to buy it after you tell them and yet you want Mitsouko for your very own.

And that is what makes it a timeless classic.

All these 'celebrity' perfumes are nothing but fads, phases, and a way for them to make money out of ingredients that smell like anesthetic or industrial strength hospital cleanser. They are not going to last one year, let alone an entire century, which Mitsouko almost has.

This perfume is unique in a way that can never, ever be replicated, and I feel so damned lucky that I have bottle, and luckier still that it describes me in every way that matters, and I feel honoured to have this fragrance as my identity.

I know this hasn't been the best review I have done, but it's the best I can do when it comes to explaining Mitsouko. I do hope that you will treat yourselves to a sample of this, because it is something all women need to have in their corner.

As for me, I'm going to sign off now before I babble anymore!!

Much love and many hugs, Jude xxx

P.S. Hannah and Vick, expect a sample each some time soon *smiles*


I seem to have been on a bit of a perfume kick lately. Normally I buy a ton of samples of Black Phoenix, as they're the ones that mostly sit well on my skin, and I ordered 18 imps last month and only four were made of win. All the others smelled like rotting leaves that had been stuff down the throat of a zombie half buried in foisty manure.

In other words, they smelled absolutely gross on me, especially Nosferatu, which is a shame as I was dying for that one to suit me. So basically I didn't have a fragrance for Collectormania 19 this weekend, and this led me to hunting the net frantically, looking for something that sounded nice. My signature scent used to be Versace Red Jeans and I love, love, loved it. It was the first thing I did when I woke up. Forget putting clothes on or brushing teeth etc.

Oh no.

I grabbed my bottle of Red Jeans and on it went!

Thing is, my tastes now are so very different from what they used to be when I was in my mid teens/early twenties. I used to adore the lighter, more airy fragrances. You know, the ones that mix cute and sweet with fun in the sun. Youthful and feminine are the right words, I think. The scents I used were always pretty and gave the image of a young woman chasing butterflies through a field full of daisies and daffodils.

My tastes are the exact opposite now that I'm approaching my mid-30's. I want some oriental notes with a bit of spice, and a little bit of green, and a bit of smoke. I love the perfumes that are a little heady, a little more mature, I think is what I'm trying to say. Instead of chasing butterflies through a beautiful lush field, I want to be in a jazz bar that's hidden down a little side street, far from the madding crowd, where you can just listen to some great music with a glass of scotch.

With that mind, off I went out into the big world known as the internet to do a spot of research. I always like to dive on in there when it comes to fragrances, which isn't the most sensible way to go about finding one that suits you, especially when they're as expensive as Guerlain, but no matter.

The only company bar Versace and Bpal that I've ever used is Guerlain, as their fragrances have always been made of win for me, and so that's the first place I went too. There were more than I remembered! It was like being dropped into a playground, a sweet shop, and an arcade all at once!

It took a couple of days to go through them all and get the list of the base notes, heart notes etc. The one that sounded lush is the one that would have suited me the least, which is just downright typical. Cherry notes really don't agree with me at all. They're okay when wet, but it's a totally different story on the dry down. They go extremely musky and almost powdery, and it's far too heavy for my skin. There were other red berries in it, too, plus black tea and Bulgarian rose, which made La Petite Robe Noire a massive no-no.

Another one I looked at was Samsara, and I've had personal experience with this. This is largely oriental, what with the jasmine, iris, tonka bean, and sandalwood. It's a very warm fragrance with a hint of spice, and something I would sell my soul for. The only problem with it is I associate Samsara with an old acquaintance of mine who used this like there was no tomorrow, and she used to absolutely wreak of it.

That's the only problem with perfumes. People always associate smells with people and places, and sometimes those experiences can wholly put off a person from trying a fragrance as it makes them cringe. Samsara does that for me, which meant this was also off the list.

Next up was Insolence. I used to use this when I ran out of Red Jeans! It's quite a pretty scent that turns into Parma Violets on me, which puts it in the category of cute and sweet, and that makes it yet another no LOL

I went through all of them one by one, jotting notes down in a Word document and comparing them online until I realised that, in order to get the sort of fragrance I wanted, I would have to step outside my comfort zone. This is something I hate doing as it brings about changes and I hate changes! They mess up the routines I've set for myself and then everything goes haywire and becomes chaotic!

I started to look at the more classic fragrances Guerlain offered, like Champs Elysee, Mitsouko, L' Heure Bleue, Shalimar, Jicky, Vol de Nuit, Chamade, and Nahema.

I'd already made one change and was not about to make another, so I went with the notes I knew suited me best, which left me with three choices. Champs Elysees, Mitsouko, and Shalimar.

Champs Elysees has notes of Mimosa Leaves, Rose Petals, Cassis Berry, Almond Blossom, and Hibiscus Seed. There seems to be other notes stashed away in there, too. A bit of cinnamon appears to be a bottom note, with some other florals, and a just the tiniest hint of blackcurrent. Those are followed up by melon and what reminds me of forest berries.

Champs Elysees has ingredients that suit me well. Hibiscus and almonds are sure fire winners for me, but the rest of the ingredients made me arch an eyebrow. It sounded so very, very floral, and overwhelmingly feminine. I put it on the Hell No list!

Until, that was, my pressing of the Add To Cart button on Amazon! I'll put a review of it up after a few more uses of it, as I can't quite explain what it is. Well, I could give a review, I suppose, but it would be a jumbled mass of words featuring hoards of debutantes dressed in tons of pink organza waltzing into the room, squealing and giggling their way through a discussion over which suitor has the most money and best connections.

I think I'll myself the headache of writing that and save you from having to read that! I plan on using Champs Elysees this Friday as I'm travelling to Milton Keynes for Collectormania 19. Since I'm not quite certain if it works with me or not, I'm going to use being on a coach to my advantage by exposing a bunch of strangers to this fragrance!

Mitsouko could not be more different, and since this is the one that arrived this morning, I'll just put a review up in half hour or so. For now, I'll just stick with a quick overview.

Anisic rose, oak, vetiver, peach, jasmine, spices, and that's all topped off with some sharp green moss. It sounded so complex, as the ingredients are so diverse, and sounds as though they should not complement each other. The flowers and the fruit, the wood and spices... Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Shalimar is a tried and tested classic. Some people say that Shalimar is the epitome of female. Not feminine, but female, and all of the sexyness that comes with being a female. The top note of Shalimar is bergamot, the middle notes (also known as the heart notes) are iris and opopanax, and the base note is vanilla. Other ingredients to be found are jasmine, lemon, rose, tonka bean, and incense.

It came across to me as being almost too complicated, as there is a lot going on in Shalimar. Floral, citrus, woodsy, and sweetness. All of that stored into a small glass bottle. I want to try this as much as I don't! The combination of incense and rose never ends well for me, but those two have never been mixed with so many other and varied ingredients like Shalimar.

I'd made my choice without even realising it and I bought Champs Elysees, with which I am exceedingly happy. It might be quite a feminine and 'pink' fragrance, but there's a sort of sharpness to it that adds a little something extra, and that is what makes Champs Elysees what it is.

I didn't intend on buying another fragrance until I came across a site that had a bottle of Mitsouko with 45% off, and more importantly, it was the proper EDP, which is eau de parfum. EDP is much, much better than EDT, eau de toilette. EDT often smells a lot more of chemicals than it does the ingredients.

So, when one comes across 60ml's of not only a classic Guerlain, but 60ml's of classic Guerlain EDP for £28, then one buys it as quick as one can!

I now have two gorgeous perfumes made entirely of win to choose from, and I want to hug myself because of it.
Foam Call ~ Soap and Glory

I would first like to say that each time I see a pink bottle, my mind screams BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!

As this review is rather lengthy, I'll just get on with it. So go grab yourself a nice little cuppa, sit back, and enjoy...
Foam Call - dual use body wash by Soap & GloryCollapse )

And there we have it, folks! Review number 3, posted and ready for all the world to see. I really hope my reviews are informative, concise, and most importantly, are not boring. If you can think of how I can improve, then please don't hesitate to let me know. Especially drop me a line if you've used this product, as sharing and recommending is how great things come to pass, and there is nothing greater than women who glow with self-confidence.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Much love, Jude xxx

Blind with your smile all the rest
Pour your strength against the test
Take the hugs upon your chest
Let the hope bring out your best.

The Gift Of Fear - Book Review

The Gift Of Fear

This book is basically a self-help book that teaches you how to read signals in the behavior of others so you can avoid danger. These signals are called pre-incident indicators, and the author not only helps you recognize these, but also teaches you how to deal with it accordingly and safely. I'm only part way through it, and never before has my view of the people surrounding me been so clear. I'm much more confident in myself, and learned to truly not care about what others think of me.

After all, what's looking like an idiot compared to ensuring your own well-being and peace of mind?

As you read, you will honestly feel as though you have been wearing rose tinted glasses your whole life and they are only just being removed. What's more, or perhaps the best part, is how you start understanding how you have had this knowledge buried in your mind. Gavin de Beck simply brings this knowledge into the spotlight, then powers you up enough to use it to its full capacity.

I truly cannot recommend this book enough, and so on this note, I'll get on with my first review on LJ.

If you have any comments, either good or bad, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Hugs and enjoy xx
The Gift Of Fear - book reviewCollapse )
As promised, here is the link to the forums of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab:
And there we have it, folks! One review in its entirety, signed and sealed, with all the I's dotted and T's crossed. As I say, if you have read this book, it would make my day to hear your perspective, and or if you have read any of his other books, please drop me a line!

Keep smiling and stay safe,

Love always, Jude xxx
Blind with your smile all the rest
Pour your strength against the test
Take the hugs upon your chest
Let the hope bring out your best

The Resurrection Of My Journal!

Hello again, world!

I've been MIA for ages, I know, and I won't make any excuses for it. I simply haven't bothered because of so many other distractions, such as returning to my fanfiction roots in the Horror genre, getting my place into some semblance of order, making the guest room ready for the moving in of my grandfather, and a ton of other stuff. Before my disappearance is excused by a busy life, I've still had the time to post on other sites, such as A Happy Assembly, which is a Pride & Prejudice site, and the infamous Fanfiction.net.

As for me personally... Well, I had a helluva year in 2012 and it all started with the death of my grandmother on the 11th of June. My poor granda was so lost, he even cried on my shoulder, and he's the type of man who would rather die than place the burden of grief onto the shoulders of his children and especially his grandchildren. That's not to say he's too proud to ask for help, as he isn't, he simply the Head Of The Family and part of his duty is to see us all well, and that means being a rock. To see him so broken and helpless breaks my heart, but there isn't anything I can do apart from be there for him when he needs comfort. He loved my grandma with everything in him and he misses her so much. We all do, but he wasn't only her husband, he had also been her carer for the last ten years.

Grandma suffered two major strokes and several minor ones, she also had asthma so she was a very poorly lady. She began to decline in health on the 9th, late in the evening, so she was taken to hospital where she went to sleep. She had a brain hemorrhage that couldn't be operated on. Before that, my grandparents had gone through a lot of stress as their house got burned down and they lost pretty much everything from their clothes to family photos and birth certificates. They were absolutely devastated and living off the charity of their children made them ashamed. It took six months for their house to be rebuilt, but moving to a temporary home took it's toll on my grandparents, so did moving back home.

I don't know if her brain bleed was completely down to the fire and stress, I just like having something to blame. If I don't blame those, I'll blame my cousin, who was 7 years old at the time and had been given a lighter by his mother, and that was how the fire began. Horrible that my grandparents lost everything all because of the idiotic choice to give a child a lighter because he liked to make the robot eyes flash. I hate that girl, I really do. I mean, what kind of mother gives their kid a LIGHTER?

My granda has forgiven the mother, as he wants access to his great-grandchild, but neither myself nor the rest of the family have. We certainly haven't forgotten, either. Stupid, just so bloody stupid.

Anyway, if I don't stop talking about my grandma, I'll start bawling so instead I will share with you my crazy eye sight! Trust me, it's a right good giggle!

So I've needed glasses ever since I was 12 and was simply long-sighted. I get checked every two years, yes? Anyhow, my prescription slowly went from my being able to see to being blurry, which meant it was time to checked. I put it off and put it off until I accidentally OD's on my Codeine. I swore I picked up a box of 15mg's of the stuff, and since my dose is 60mg's, I took four with the booster paracetamol. I went back to bed for a bit read of my Kindle, but soon my eyes started to feel heavy and I felt floaty. I either went to sleep or I passed out, the blackness lasted for five hours. When I woke up, I saw a box of 30mg's of Codeine on the floor. I had not taken four 15mg pills, but four 30mg pills!

I was thankfully fine, though I did have a bit of a stomach ache and was high as a kite. It's something I'm grateful for as it made me go get my eyes tested!! Here we go with the sight issues...

My eyes don't work together.
I have astigmatisms in both eyes.
My long-sight is now short-sight.
My eyeballs are the wrong shape.

I was in the exam room for over an hour getting my eyes tested and the above was the result, but it gets better! The astigmatisms have moved in my eyes and now affects my diagonal vision, which means the left side of life is higher than the right! The whole world was wonky! Durham is slowly sinking on the left side, so the hills that dip down to the left have compensated and everything looked straight. My lenses have prisms in and I have two very beautiful pairs of spectacles, both of which have these very cute little crystals in the sides. I'll post some pictures when I get a free moment.

Anyhow, as for now, I'm going to head off so I can concentrate on making a blog for my reviews of books and makeup.

Much love and many hugs, Jude xxx


A Rant

Nothing important, just me blowing off some steam about this week.

It started on Monday when my dental appointment for the dental hospital arrived and it was for the 8th. Yes, two days notice and that left me asking friends and family if they could give me a ride. Sadly, with such short notice, my friends couldn't get time off work, so my dad had to take me and since the trunk of his car isn't big enough for my wheelchair, it was shoved in next to me.

I have four bruises and several cuts on my left side from where the chair was digging into me as I sat, squashed, in the back seat. Then we got to the hospital.

I had to check in on the 3rd floor, then go up to the 6th floor to check in again, and then go down to the 5th floor where the actual dental hospital is. When I got there, I found out from other patients that the reception folk don't finish their lunch until half past 2 in the afternoon. My appointment was for quarter past 2.

Then after I got called in, I had to go back down to the 3rd floor to check in for an x-ray, which was on the 4th floor and then go back up to the 6th floor to hand in the x-ray itself. After I did, I had to go back down to the 5th floor and ended up waiting almost half an hour to be seen.

Then we come to this morning and an appointment for the 15th of this month and so it's going to be a re-run of Wednesday. Now to top everything off, my housemate and I had to dismantle pretty much everything in order to make room for the new TV and so we walked into town, put all the payment into his account so he could use his debit card and came home.

The first time I tried to pay for the TV, an error cropped up and then the second time the payment failed, it gave my housemate and I a number to call, and so we did. We were told the payment was fine on their side of the fence and so I tried, again, to order the TV and it's still saying Unsuccessful.

This might not seem like a thing to rant about as it's not important in the grand scheme of things, but when you've tried for 4 hours to buy something, you expect it to go through. Yes, I do mean four hours and the company is pulling it's usual crap by trying to say there isn't enough money and all of that.

We've been on the phone thrice. Twice to my housemate's bank and twice to the stupid company, who are still trying to fob me off. If I knew someone who could install a 3D TV, I would order the damn thing from the cheaper site and be done with it, but I don't and so I need to buy the installation. Why am I so irritated and panicky?

My Sky TV satellite gets fitted on Tuesday and without a TV, there will be no point and nothing for the TV installation men to connect it too. My housemate and I have spent the last two days getting the living room ready for it and we can't pay, and it's getting roylly on my nerves!

On top of those two unimportant things, my medication is now 8 pills three times a day and 6 pills four times a day. I feel constantly tired, a little bit sick, and just plain crap.

Rant over!

Hugs, J xxx

P.S. I haven't mentioned the nightmare that is my granda selling his house. I want to beat the viewers to death with a cotton wool ball. Show some damn respect cos if you don't, I will find you and that cotton wool ball will be shoved where the sun don't shine.

P.P.S. I will hurry up with the review for the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I'm trying to find something to say about it and while it's not entirely a waste of money, nor is it an excellent buy.