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Foam Call - dual use body wash by Soap & Glory

Foam Call ~ Soap and Glory

I would first like to say that each time I see a pink bottle, my mind screams BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!

As this review is rather lengthy, I'll just get on with it. So go grab yourself a nice little cuppa, sit back, and enjoy...

There is something so good about Soap & Glory and it starts with the lovely shade of pink that has become their trademark, their ‘thing’ if you like. I was cat sitting for my mother one year when I received a visit from Jehovah's Witness. Unlike most people who get irritated at being disturbed by those spreading the word of what they love, I am always respectful and politely decline.
After all, blogs about beauty, politics etc are also a way of sharing their opinions, right?

I digress!

The lady said, and I will always remember this compliment, “You have beautiful skin. There’s not a blemish on you. What do you use if I may ask.”

When I said Soap & Glory, the lady immediately replied with “Are those the ones with the pink label?” We ended up chatting for a good ten minutes before they left!

You see so many products lining the shelves in shops such as Boots and Superdrug, and what do those products look like? It’s almost like you see one, you see them all. The only distinction between them seems to be the brand name. Even companies like Clarins seems to lack creativity when it comes to images.

Sight is one of the five main senses and it’s often ignored by companies. They seem to prefer their products to look clean and classy, if you understand what I’m trying to say, but to me, that ‘clean and classy’ looks clinical.

A lot of people may not agree when I say that image is important, yet it is. I’m not saying that physical beauty is important, as genetics are the provider of facial structure, I’m talking about image.

Your image is your identity, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else, makes you stand out, and it’s doubly important that you take care of that image. If you don’t take care, then you lose yourself.

I know I feel ‘blah’ and ‘meh’ and like I couldn’t give a monkeys. I hate feeling like that, as it also puts me down in the dumps, and gloomy. There’s too much gloom and doom in the world, so I won’t add to it.

Sometimes it also feels like too much work, doesn’t it? To do the whole routine and whatnot. We all know that chores are boring and we don’t want to do them. Caring for your skin shouldn’t feel like a chore, it’s supposed to be something you enjoy, and if you enjoy your morning, chances are you will feel ready to take on anything.

The image of Soap and Glory stands out and it attracts the eye, but not just that, it looks like it will be nice to use. Nice things aren’t chores or dull and boring. They’re fun and fun things makes for happy time.

Foam Call is written in both pink and silver lettering that are set on a pastel shade of yellow. There’s a cute little silver star right next to the brand name of Soap & Glory, which is another thing I love about them. Their brand name is much smaller than the product description, and I don’t know if that is done on purpose, but it says to me that it isn’t the brand that’s important, but the product.

Very clever, S & G!

Combine that pretty image with the wit on the label and we have a bit of smarts going on. Take Foam Call for instance.

The label reads “Want to get fresh? Make a quick Foam Call!” and “Everyone uses soap... At least everyone we like to spend time with!”

I can’t forget the warning, either. For adult use only. Avoid contact with eyes and in brackets, this might also apply to A’s, E’s, O’s or U’s, but we haven’t tested them particularly).

How many other products contain a warning that makes you smile? I know a few that makes me smile, but for all the wrong reasons...


The label on this product, as with all the other S & G products, also advertises the 2 Minute Rinse. So we have an eye-catching image, some quirky word play, and encouragement to be more conscious about saving water.

I love it!

Foam Call is a dual-use shower and bath body wash, that contains the following...

Peppermint essential oils, grapeseed EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), fruitliquid fig and orange waterjuice.

The fragrance boasted is called Fruitigo, and that comes with notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig, and jungle pomelo essence.

Thanks to my addiction to the perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (Bpal), my nose has become quite adept at noticing the various scents used in this body wash. The first one I notice is the fig and it’s a bit dominating at the start, then the orange oil comes into play by providing light traces of citrus that mixes wonderfully with the pomelo essence.

Yet what truly makes this come alive is the hint of coconut which, even though not part of Fruitigo, just adds that little extra kick to it.

The ingredients seem to combine naturally to create this fragrance that makes me think of sun drenched tropical islands, where the warm summer breeze is made delicious by the aroma of fruit. In a nutshell, Fruitigo is a very special scent indeed and it’s going to be used during all my showers this summer.

Now for what it says on the tin...

Foam Call is formulated with M-SUDS moisture system molecules and grapeseed EFA’s to reduce the drying effects of your daily soap. Rub a handful onto damp skin, massage until it bubbles up, then rinse.

So I did just that.

Then I did it again and thought what the hell, things always come in threes, so I did it again! Needless to say I was very clean and smelly good.

The consistency is thin and creamy, a little bit like condensed milk., yet it foams up so well and such a little bit goes a very long way. For those of us who are suffering the effects of a lighter purse, Foam Call is a sound purchase if you want something that will clean your family, make them smell good, and have that special thing that just, you know, makes a little treat.

There is one thing to keep in mind. Even though it’s a nice creamy body wash, it’s also extremely slippery, so be careful when you wash your feet. Shower mats are all well and good, but you still have to stand on part of the shower floor when you get out.

When you’re in the shower with all that heat, the second you squeeze some onto your hand, is the second the fragrance surrounds you.

Water has always left my skin quite dry, and using Foam Call made a huge difference. I swear I could hear my skin praying it didn’t fall off in relief! My skin inhaled it on the first use, which shows how dry the skin on my torso can get, and the second use was when it began to bubble. By the third wash came around, I was all soaped up and loving the feel of having skin that remained moisturized while it got washed.

It wouldn’t take as many uses on most folk. The medication I’m on does affect my hair, skin, and nails as much as it affects the pain, except in a not-s0-good way.

What truly impressed me about this was how it worked on my skin graft. I won’t go into personal details, but suffice to say that even after some 20 odd year, my skin graft gets very dry during bathing. Instead of using the nose-repelling stuff the doctors gave me, I tried my new S & G body wash. Probably not the most intelligent thing to do, I grant you, as it could have had some rather unpleasant consequences, but what the hell.

There was enough of a difference to make my jaw drop and a giddy little squeal of joy echoed through the bathroom, startling my cat into running for cover. My graft didn’t only feel a tad moisturized, it also felt a bit more relaxed.

Talk about fabulous!

If you have a skin graft, please consult your GP before trying any cosmetic product on it, and do be careful *smile*

While the moisturized feeling stayed put, the scent began to fade quite quickly until there’s an itty bitty lilt around you. As most fragrances smell different on each person, all I have to go on is how it smelt on me.

It changed once I got out of the shower and began to dry off. The scent sort of turned into something warmer. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it became a bit like perfume. The fruity aroma faded into something that reminded me of a fragrance my mum used to wear a long time ago, but as I say. Everyone has different skin chemistry and each scent reacts accordingly.

The label and the meaning behind it, the fragrance... If I ignore all of that, what would be good about Foam Call?

The cleanliness.

I felt clean, even when I went out into the gorgeous sunshine at midday when it’s the hottest, I felt completely clean. It was a clean feeling that came without that ‘tightness’ you get from some body wash products, and it was the sort of cleanliness that went down to the tips of my toes, which were stuffed into a pair of high heeled boots.

All day yesterday, I was polished (Soap and Glory’s Flake Away body polish), moisturized without having to name myself Grease Lightening, and I was clean. That little bit of pampering in the shower, taking those few extra minutes for myself, gave me such a good vibe.

I could have hugged the world!

Now lets get to the nitty gritty.

The RRP (recommended retail price) is £6.50 for a 500 ml bottle, which is absolutely excellent value for money, and trust me when I say it lasts a long, long time. It has a pump-action distributor which gives out measured amounts that makes it easy to use when your hands are wet and slippery.
As far as I’m concerned, “I’m worth it” is being used by the wrong company.

Packaging: 10/10

Consistency: 10/10

Scent: 7/10

Effects: 10/10

Price: £6.50 (from soapandglory.com)

Overall: 10/10

And there we have it, folks! Review number 3, posted and ready for all the world to see. I really hope my reviews are informative, concise, and most importantly, are not boring. If you can think of how I can improve, then please don't hesitate to let me know. Especially drop me a line if you've used this product, as sharing and recommending is how great things come to pass, and there is nothing greater than women who glow with self-confidence.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Much love, Jude xxx

Blind with your smile all the rest
Pour your strength against the test
Take the hugs upon your chest
Let the hope bring out your best.
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