May 2nd, 2013

The Resurrection Of My Journal!

Hello again, world!

I've been MIA for ages, I know, and I won't make any excuses for it. I simply haven't bothered because of so many other distractions, such as returning to my fanfiction roots in the Horror genre, getting my place into some semblance of order, making the guest room ready for the moving in of my grandfather, and a ton of other stuff. Before my disappearance is excused by a busy life, I've still had the time to post on other sites, such as A Happy Assembly, which is a Pride & Prejudice site, and the infamous

As for me personally... Well, I had a helluva year in 2012 and it all started with the death of my grandmother on the 11th of June. My poor granda was so lost, he even cried on my shoulder, and he's the type of man who would rather die than place the burden of grief onto the shoulders of his children and especially his grandchildren. That's not to say he's too proud to ask for help, as he isn't, he simply the Head Of The Family and part of his duty is to see us all well, and that means being a rock. To see him so broken and helpless breaks my heart, but there isn't anything I can do apart from be there for him when he needs comfort. He loved my grandma with everything in him and he misses her so much. We all do, but he wasn't only her husband, he had also been her carer for the last ten years.

Grandma suffered two major strokes and several minor ones, she also had asthma so she was a very poorly lady. She began to decline in health on the 9th, late in the evening, so she was taken to hospital where she went to sleep. She had a brain hemorrhage that couldn't be operated on. Before that, my grandparents had gone through a lot of stress as their house got burned down and they lost pretty much everything from their clothes to family photos and birth certificates. They were absolutely devastated and living off the charity of their children made them ashamed. It took six months for their house to be rebuilt, but moving to a temporary home took it's toll on my grandparents, so did moving back home.

I don't know if her brain bleed was completely down to the fire and stress, I just like having something to blame. If I don't blame those, I'll blame my cousin, who was 7 years old at the time and had been given a lighter by his mother, and that was how the fire began. Horrible that my grandparents lost everything all because of the idiotic choice to give a child a lighter because he liked to make the robot eyes flash. I hate that girl, I really do. I mean, what kind of mother gives their kid a LIGHTER?

My granda has forgiven the mother, as he wants access to his great-grandchild, but neither myself nor the rest of the family have. We certainly haven't forgotten, either. Stupid, just so bloody stupid.

Anyway, if I don't stop talking about my grandma, I'll start bawling so instead I will share with you my crazy eye sight! Trust me, it's a right good giggle!

So I've needed glasses ever since I was 12 and was simply long-sighted. I get checked every two years, yes? Anyhow, my prescription slowly went from my being able to see to being blurry, which meant it was time to checked. I put it off and put it off until I accidentally OD's on my Codeine. I swore I picked up a box of 15mg's of the stuff, and since my dose is 60mg's, I took four with the booster paracetamol. I went back to bed for a bit read of my Kindle, but soon my eyes started to feel heavy and I felt floaty. I either went to sleep or I passed out, the blackness lasted for five hours. When I woke up, I saw a box of 30mg's of Codeine on the floor. I had not taken four 15mg pills, but four 30mg pills!

I was thankfully fine, though I did have a bit of a stomach ache and was high as a kite. It's something I'm grateful for as it made me go get my eyes tested!! Here we go with the sight issues...

My eyes don't work together.
I have astigmatisms in both eyes.
My long-sight is now short-sight.
My eyeballs are the wrong shape.

I was in the exam room for over an hour getting my eyes tested and the above was the result, but it gets better! The astigmatisms have moved in my eyes and now affects my diagonal vision, which means the left side of life is higher than the right! The whole world was wonky! Durham is slowly sinking on the left side, so the hills that dip down to the left have compensated and everything looked straight. My lenses have prisms in and I have two very beautiful pairs of spectacles, both of which have these very cute little crystals in the sides. I'll post some pictures when I get a free moment.

Anyhow, as for now, I'm going to head off so I can concentrate on making a blog for my reviews of books and makeup.

Much love and many hugs, Jude xxx