May 23rd, 2013

The Caretaker

Title: The Caretaker
Chapter No: Two part 1
Author: Me!
Fandom: Friday The 13th
Rating: NC-17 for graphic scenes of violence and gore.
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Content: Jason Voorhees/Elissa McCormack
Summary: It was the money that drew her there. The money and a job that had been advertised many times. It was good job, too, and one with an excellent health package. If only she knew how much she would need it.
Disclaimer: The only person I own is Elissa McCormack. Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake do not belong to me, therefore no money is made from this story.
WARNINGS: Extremely graphic violence, and disturbing murder scenes. Not for the faint hearted or those who cry at Bambi and think Twilight is the epitome of excellence. You do not like blood and guts, then do not read.
Author's Note: I will gladly take any and all comments, especially those helping me improve my writing, but I will not give trolls the time of day, and nor will I bat an eyelash at online bullies who think all stories should be written to their specifications.

If I could have one wish granted at this current moment in time, it would be that LiveJournal stops fucking up. Edited it to add part 2 was too large, so I've had to cut it into two parts.

Anyhoo, have fun :D

Huggles, Jude xxx

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